We sell gift certificates (and other paper goods like membership cards and passes) for businesses on and adjacent to MDI.

We charge a $5 handling fee per purchase which covers the costs of:

  • payment processor
  • marketing
  • website maintenance
  • customer service
  • accounting

Think about it: buying local online means you don’t have to get in your car, find parking, take the time to buy the gift certificate, buy a greeting card, and go to the post office to mail it.

By covering our fees, you are putting 100% of the gift certificate amount into the pockets of the small businesses, and that’s pretty cool.

We’re a very small team trying to get all MDI businesses that sell gift certificates on this site. If you want your business listed though, let us know and we’ll put you on the top of the list.

If you are an MDI business not listed, click here to sell your gift certificates!