When you add a message to your GiftMDI card, it comes with our standard white card with small logo.

While it’s very nice, you may want to add a little something extra. Here are our card designs and designers so you can select with confidence! Note: all cards are blank inside, ready for your message.

Greeting Cards by Jennifer Booher

Jennifer Booher is known for her artistic collages and her greeting cards are no exception. Below each is its name and you can add any one to any gift certificate you buy.

Blue Seashell Snowflake

Pink Seashell Snowflake

Green Seashell Snowflake


Greeting Cards by Breaking Even Communications

Breaking Even is a local marketing company that has made some great cards with local sentiments

Friend With A Boat

Bar Harbor Barter And Swap

Nice Running Into You

Park Downtown In August

Walk Around Eagle Lake




Have a greeting card recommendation for us? If they’re local and make cards, we’re interested in talking to them. Just contact us and let us know!