For Gift Your Town Franchisees

There are a lot of moving parts to the online selling of gift cards including:

  • selling online (in a fun, easy to buy interface)
  • adding a personal message (if applicable)
  • sending the gift card
  • communicating with the purchaser throughout the process
  • online and offline marketing
  • record keeping and sharing with individual businesses
  • offering delivery options that are fast and reliable

Gift Your Town takes all that stuff out of your hands (in the best way) by doing three things:

  1. Setting up the website with all the features you want (and even some great features you didn’t know to ask for)
  2. Providing you in depth online training to manage and grow your franchise (technical how-tos, marketing, record keeping, and more)
  3. Ongoing support in the way of website security and software updates (to make sure it keeps working for you).

Gift Your Town has a one time setup fee (each site is done custom) and a monthly maintenance fee that goes toward things like web hosting, security, software licenses and more to keep your site running and making you money.

Don’t want to charge a $3 handling fee instead? Want to offer free bike delivery of locally placed orders? We are here to help you use your Gift Your Town website to do what you need to do. We are happy to share our knowledge/expertise on what has worked for us but this is YOUR baby.

Sorry to say but no. If you think of an average sized town (10,000ish people) and the different ways this site can make you revenue (handling fees, advertising, sponsored content, etc.), we figure the average site will make about $100-$300/month for the website owner for about 4 hours of work once momentum for the site is going. Not enough to retire certainly but if you consider most websites cost you money (versus making you money) or consider this in the context of one revenue stream for, say, a chamber of commerce, it makes sense. (And you can also see why building it for $10-$15K on your own doesn’t make a ton of sense financially.)

Are we going to be respectful of agreements we have in place and not saturate a market? We sure are. It’s in our best interest to make sure all Gift Your Town sites cover different areas of the country so if someone contacts us and you’re already there, we’ll tell the person super nicely.

We don’t want you to feel like you’ve invested in a website that you have no idea how to work or make money with. Doing a two hour training session and expecting your brain (or anyone’s brain) to remember everything seemed silly so we have an accessible on-demand video training area you can access. We don’t want to just include things like how to resize a photo but information like how to find affiliates to help market your product and how to build links coming into your new website. We’ve had some people say ‘hey, can we just have the training library?’ and we’re definitely considering it.

You are in charge of running your business! You’ll be putting gift certificates in the mail as they are ordered, adding new businesses/content to the website, marketing it, and more. And while you could spend all your time doing it, our goal is you spend about an hour a week on it.

In General

We aren’t affiliated with any group, chamber, business, political party, or any other possible ‘agenda’ we can think of. We just want to help people make more money with our weird combination of tech, customer service, and marketing skill sets. Really. Our agenda is people don’t have to go through what we went through setting up a gift certificate selling website with great features.

You’ll pick a domain and we’ll create the website at that domain (may we suggest Once your site is live, people can go there and buy gift certificates. You’ll get an email when they do and simply need to put them in the mail! The website will work like other ecommerce sites you may be familiar with (ex: being able to make an account, being able to set a different shipping address than the billing address, etc.). We have our own working prototype that is live here you can check out:

Have a question you don’t see here? Contact us.