When was the last time you bought a gift certificate at a local business?
Did you have to call or check online for their hours so you could go in when they were open?
Did you stop in and have to find the right person in the business to write out a gift certificate?
Did you call a business and give your credit card number over the phone to buy a gift card?
Did you buy from the business website, only to find there were no gifting options and you had to have it mailed to you anyway?
After getting the certificate, finding a greeting card, and mailing it, did you think, “Wow, that was way harder than it should be!”

We’ve been there. And thanks to your interest in Gift Your Town, the people in your community won’t have to do all that again (unless they want to of course)!

Gift Your Town is an easy, affordable way to:
1) sell local gift certificates, memberships, and other paper goods for local businesses and non-profits in a way that
2) serves customers who want to conveniently buy online while supporting the local economy and receiving excellent customer service.

Gift Your Town is an online business and marketing opportunity in one – and if you follow our system, your website should start making money right away. Unlike ‘chamber bucks’ and other community programs, visitors to your town know to look for gift certificates… and no one wants to figure out how they can use the piece of paper they just got. Everyone already understands gift cards and gift certificates, so much so that it’s at the top of everyone’s wish list each holiday season since 2007.

Gift Your Town is perfect for:

1) Main Street and other downtown development programs
2) Chambers of Commerce and other membership organizations
3) Rotary and other local business groups
4) Business incubators and other business service organizations
5) Coworking spaces and other business hubs
6) Local marketing companies
7) Individuals wanting to make a small side income marketing and serving their community

Besides serving your community, Gift Your Town can also solve some of your pain points as a business organizer/leader:

  • No painful rebranding/redesign. Already have a logo and a website? Gift Your Town can be a supplemental resource you can use, no deep discussions about everyone’s design preferences required. Simply pick a name, a few colors, and your site is almost done being built.
  • Built to make money. Unless you have run an internet business, you might not know about things like affiliate programs, display ads, or remarketing programs. With our online video trainings and personal support as part of your franchise package, you’ll be able to make more money sooner than you thought possible.
  • Multiple support packages. Have an eager admin who just needs some direction and training to take this and run with it? Maxed out and need someone to run this for you? We have several price packages to meet your needs.
  • Someone to call. Because you pay a small ongoing maintenance fee, you have a team at your disposal figuring out website issues and otherwise dealing with the technical heavy lifting as it comes up.
  • Cancel anytime. Decide you no longer want to use Gift Your Town? Cancel your subscription anytime, minus setup fees. We only want you to do this if it is working for you!